Solstice Energy Installation

4th-6th January 2011.

Panel deliveryScaffold erectedPanels stacked in garage
The scaffold arrives and the panels are delivered in a very large box. The scaffolding is erected on the last sunny day to be seen all month. The panels are stored in the garage.
Roof tiles removedGarage floor drilled for armoured cablePaving removed for armoured cable.
The first roof tiles are removed. A wall mounted cable looked too ugly so the armoured cable is buried under the block drive and threaded up a 32mm waste pipe to the meter box for neatness. A large hole is drilled through the garage floor.
Roof brackets in placeRoof brackets in placeInverter comms system installed
Roof brackets for the panel securing rails are put in place. The Inverter is opened to connect the data cable.
Inverter fitted to wallData logger installedCompleted control panel
The control gear is installed on an 18mm ply board. The data logger is fixed in position. The completed control panel and schematic neatly fitted behind the garage door and above head height.
Panels hoisted on to roofPanels hoisted on to roofPanels hoisted on to roof
The first panels are hoisted into position - in torrential rain.
Panels hoisted on to roofFirst panels fixed in positionSecond panel put in place
And one by one they are clamped to the guide rails.
Second panel fixed in positionAll panels installedAll panels installed
Two down, twelve to go. All done. The clouds provide an ominous backdrop.
Meter cupboardBlock paving restoredPanels in operation with scaffolding removed
The meter box. The paving restored… …and the scaffold removed.