Solar Blog 2014


Despite several horrible days October was another fairly good month. 115% of monthly prediction and by the 31st, 112% of annual prediction which is almost exactly the same as 2011 and 2012.

Month’s generation : 211·09 kWh.


So all the experts are telling us September was a wonderful record beating month. Bollocks, at least in the London area. It was dry and it was warm but it was also very dull.

Day after day weather forecasters on BBC Radio 4 (I don’t watch TV) told us about the relentless sunshine and clearly they can never be bothered to look out of the window of their Broadcasting House studio. For the second consecutive year September has suffered poor light levels and got very close to having the highest proportion of substandard days of any month in the past four years.

2014 generation passed 100% of the installer’s annual prediction on 15th September. The earliest date so far achieved

Month’s generation : 282·88 kWh.


A bit of a let down as August always seems to be.

Month’s generation : 385·15 kWh.


Third best month ever.

Month’s generation : 458·69 kWh.


It seemed a too often dull month to me but it turned out to be the best June in four years. June should be the best month of the year but none have been especially good in percentage above prediction terms but at least this one was beaten only by July 2013 and May 2011.

Month’s generation : 434·71 kWh.


Just a very average May.

Month’s generation : 390·73 kWh.


Another good month but not to recent standards.

Month’s generation : 370·98 kWh.


Popular opinion would have you believe that the past three months have been the wettest ever. Maybe in Somerset but here in SE London it’s the °lightest’ winter quarter in four years.

Month’s generation : 332·98 kWh.


So last year was widely seen as wonderful and the solar generation was the worst in three years and this winter has been, by general consent, absolutely horrible and the generation has been the best ever. Very odd.

Month’s generation : 188·33 kWh.


A good start to the year. Most of the rain in the South East, and there was plenty, fell over night.

Month’s generation : 117·28 kWh.